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Custom Banner Printing

Our banners are durable and will last outside in most weather conditions up to two years. That is a great return on your investment. We use 15oz Vinyl on our banners and quality grommets for easy banner hanging.Our banners come in many sizes and we use colorful eco-solvent inks. And print your banners all the way to the edges with our wide format printers.

Banner designing tips :

• Do not make it too wordy if its going to be placed in a high traffic area. People need to be able to take in the message in a second.

• Use large fonts with good color layout. If all of your text is in 1 color it will take longer to take in the message. We recommend 2 colors.

• If you are using images be sure it is in a high quality print size at least 150 to 200 dpi. If not your images may appear blocky especially around the edges.

When designing your banner with us you have two options.

1. Use our free banner design templates

2. Allow our in house design team to help you design your banner for you. We can deliver your results quick so give us a call and find out how we can help you.

 Banner Printing Sizes

  • • 2′x4′ to 2′x10′ (in 1′ Increments)
  • • 3′x4′ to 3′x10′ (in 1′ Increments)
  • • 4′x4′ to 4′x10′ (in 1′ Increments)
  • • We use 15oz Premium Vinyl material giving our Banners a longer life indoors and out. A far better return on your investment.