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Business Card Templates

Business Card Templates

Blank Business Card Template

2″ X 3.5″ Business Cards
Standard Rectangular 3.5×2 .jpg pdf psd
Rounded Edges 1/4 Four Corner’s .jpg pdf psd
Rounded Edges 1/8 Two Corner’s
Rounded Edges 1/4 Four Corner’s .jpg pdf psd
Rounded Edges 1/4 Two Corner’s
2″ X 3.5″ Business Card Magnets
Standard Rectangular 3.5×2 .jpg pdf psd
Plastic Business Cards
Rounded Edges 1/4 Four Corner’s .jpg pdf psd
Rounded Edges 1/8 Four Corner’s .jpg pdf psd
3D Business Cards
Rounded Edges 1/4 Four Corner’s .jpg pdf psd
Rounded Edges 1/8 Four Corner’s .jpg pdf psd

Designing your own Business Cards with our free templates.

Business Card Design Requirements:

DPI: Please be sure that your business card is designed to at a minimum of 300 dpi our templates are set at 300 dots per inch so that your images come out clear and looking terrific.
Bleed: Our templates include a .127 bleed this is required because we will trim your image down to the size required and with the bleed there won’t be any empty blank visible areas when finished trimming phase because it would still be color on the opposite side of the cut.
Color Mode: CMYK is a color mode found in most professional and proconsumer design programs we use CMYK color mode and our PSD templates are already set to CMYK CMYK is widely used in printing where the RGB mode is mailing the graphic design and other elements is always recommended design offering items in CMYK this way there would not be as much color shifts as if you were design RGB and then converted CMYK the biggest culprits of color shifting is purple and blue so once again we do recommend you CMYK color mode if possible.


What type of business card template should I use for my design?
Adobe Photoshop is always the most recommended design program mainly because it works in layers support CMYK mode and is a very easy template to use although there can be a small learning curve involved.

Where can I get Adobe Photoshop?

If you are planning on making your own designs than Adobe Photoshop is highly recommended. There is a free trial available at with this trial time you can create your design with our PSD template file.

We also receive designs that are created with Adobe Illustrator and Microsoft publisher when using any other design programs please be sure that the final image meets our design requirements. Also please note that any images that receive your business card will be reviewed be sure benefits are requirements for printing.

We hope you found our free blank business card templates useful and if you have any questions please reach out to us via email or by phone and let us know how we can help you.

Thank you for allowing us to process your design faster by using our free business card templates.