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Custom EDDM® Postcard Printing

EDDM Postcard Marketing Ideas

  • • Make sure that your EDDM® postcard as a coupon on both sides of the postcard we never know which side they’re going to look at first.
  • • Do not forget to add your social media URLs, bonus points for adding a QR code to link to your social media page.
  • • Find other businesses to go in with you on purchasing and advertising your EDDM® postcard this can help save you time and also increase the chances of someone keeping your postcard around. Businesses that complement yours are a great choice so our local eateries.

EDDM® postcard design tips

  • • Your postcard should reflect what it is that you are offering. If your business is in lawn care you would like your EDDM® postcard to visually represent what your offer is about. We only have a few seconds for them to understand what you are offering and how you are going to save them money or eliminate a problem for them. Explain with images when it is that you are offering them without words.
  • • Having your coupon on the lower right-hand corner is a great key to good marketing via EDDM® postcards. It is usually where their eyes will go to first and if you can make your coupon area have strong contrast it will help make your offer pop. For instance a yellow square with your offer is going to stand out more than it would than if it had just appeared in a similar font and color background.
  • Less is more, EDDM® postcards that are full of verbiage will look too busy to read and most likely will be discarded because of that. Most people nowadays want there information quick. A good suggestion is following these basic steps below.
  • • What I have – Your title should get to the point of what you are offering.
  • • What am I or what is it going to do for you. Quickly show them the benefit of using your services or products don’t forget to back it up visually.
  • • Offer them a limited time offer this to get coupons, the presentation, limited time information treat this as you would be coupon area of the EDDM® postcard.
  • • What do I want you to do next or what others call a call to action. Your EDDM® postcard should be planned out for this last step. It is to entice them and tell them to make that call to action. You want them to visit your website visit my website for more information. Or Call me now to get started. There are many call to actions out there find the one that is best for you and your service. But if you are sending them to your website. I strongly suggest sending them to a page that has a quick contact form available.
  • • If you have the above you should get a good result from your EDDM® postcard marketing phase. Without making it too wordy if you can display a positive review so that you have a claim to fame somewhere on your postcard it may help as well as showing off your yelp reviews page if available.

We love talking EDDM® there is so much you can do with it and nowadays for only 0.176 cents per door for delivery it is one of the most cheapest ways to get your business out there in a short amount of time. We see many EDDM® postcards come through daily and after a while some of us can quickly tell which ones are most likely going to get business from them and what ones have a very slim chance. Message and design are very important and we want your campaign to be successful. You are always welcome to contact us to speak to someone about your EDDM® postcard campaign during the design phase by giving us a call or send an image via email.

We also offer full-service graphic design on EDDM® postcards.

EDDM® Postcard Types

Standard EDDM® Postcards

Perforated EDDM® Postcards
Includes tear off business card.

EDDM® Postcard Sizes

6.5×8, 6.5×9, 8×10, 8.5×11

9×11, 6.5×12, 9×12

Custom EDDM® sizes available


Printed on thick
14pt UV Coated or Uncoated