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Every Door Direct Mail EDDM®

©Every Door Direct Mail

No mailing list required with USPS new answer to door to door marketing.  Every Door Direct Mail is a new service from your local POST OFFICE that will allow you to advertise your business for only $0.176 cents per door. Each campaign day you can have the POST OFFICE deliver up to 5000 addresses without having to purchase a postal permit or even a mailing list.


 View the Every Door Direct Mail® Brochure here online. And if you have any additional questions on using EDDM® for marketing your business please visit our
FAQ on EDDM® Marketing 
 Designing your Every Door Direct Mail® Postcards is now easier than ever. Within minutes you can create a great looking Postcard using our website to
Design EDDM® Postcards Online
 We have many Postcard sizes to choose from but not all of them are EDDM® eligible. That is why we have put together a special page on our site so you can download our
Free EDDM® Postcard Templates 



 How to use your “Every Door Direct Mail® Campaign”

1) Self Service EDDM® Save on our low price EDDM® postcard printing and we will then ship them directly to your door. Once your postcards arrive fill out the forms required for your Every Door Direct Mail® campaign and bring them to your local POST OFFICE for distribution.

2) Full Service Let us make us do the paperwork and get your EDDM® Postcards to your local POST OFFICE for distribution using the Every Door Direct Mail Retail program. ( Coming soon )

Still have questions on using Every Door Direct Mail for your business?  Please visit our EDDM® Faq page

Still unsure about using Every Door Direct Mail® for your marketing? Then check this out.

1.Did you know that YOU DO NOT NEED A POSTAGE PERMIT FOR USING EDDM®. With this great program the POST OFFICE has removed the high annual fee that comes with having a yearly postal permit

2.NO MAILING LIST WHEN YOU USE EVERY DOOR DIRECT MAIL this makes it easier on everyone involved. Unlike Direct Mail Campaigns where you have to place a personal address on the back of your postcard all we need to do is put the words POSTAL CUSTOMER in its place. The mail carrier will then distribute them on their route to every address in your requested area along with the other daily mail.

3. You get to  ADVERTISE ON A LARGER POSTCARD one of the rules is that an eligible mailing flat of postcards has to be at least 6.25″x9″ or larger.  That is another reason why we have lowered our Postcard printing price to make it easier to afford an ©EVERY DOOR DIRECT MAIL® campaign.  Plus with larger postcards you have more room to get your message or call to action across. If you are looking for ideas you can check out our EDDM® Postcard Design Tips page.