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Every Door Direct Mail – Faq

Every Door Direct Mail is a very simple program from the United States Post Office that can offer your business an easy way to market Door to Door. This page addresses some of the more common questions someone has when  first hearing about using EDDM to help there business acquire new customers.
















 View the Every Door Direct Mail Brochure here online. And if you have any additional questions on using EDDM for marketing your business please visit our
FAQ on EDDM Marketing 
 Designing your Every Door Direct Mail Postcards is now easier than ever. Within minutes you can create a great looking Postcard using our website to
Design EDDM Postcards Online
 We have many Postcard sizes to choose from but not all of them are EDDM eligible. That is why we have put together a special page on our site so you can download our
Free EDDM Postcard Templates 


1. How many pieces of mail can I have sent out using EDDM?

With Every Door Direct Mail you can send out as little as 200 Postcards in a neighborhood. You can also send out up to 5,000 Postcards while using the Every Door Direct Mail – Retail® service.

2. What is the difference in Every Door Direct Mail and EDDM Retail®?

With EDDM Retail® you can send up to 5,000 Postcards in 1 day and not have to purchase a postage permit. This is the best way if your business is on a budget you can always send another up to 5,000 Postcard delivery in another nearby area the next day.

With EDDM you can deliver over 5,000 Postcards in a single day but you will then need to get a Mailing Permit and instead of bringing your Postcards to any EDDM ready Post Office you will need to bring the to a LBMEU- a Local Business Entry Unit.

3. I want to target only businesses can I do this?

At this time EDDM can only be delivered to Businesses and residential addresses on that Carriers Route.

4. I want to target only Residential address can I do this?

Yes, Unlike the previous answer you can exclude businesses from getting your EDDM Postcard.

5. How can I find what routes are available?

The USPS website has a free tool on there website to help you locate and track carrier routes in the specific areas you want to market in. We are also willing to help you locate those areas for you as well.

6. Are there certain Postcard Sizes I can use like 4×6?

EDDM has very strict rules on the postcard sizes you can use for your Every Door Direct Mail campaign and 4×6 is not on that list. We have however listed the sizes that we have available that meet the requirements of the EDDM rules. These are 6.5″x9″  6.5″x12″ 8″x6.5″ 8″x10″ 8.5″x11″ 9″x11″ 9″x12″ and these actually more room for a great design and call to action.