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Custom Flyer Printing

 Ideas for designing your flyers

  • • Make sure your headline stands out and use words like Time sensitive, bonus offer,secrets and other attention words in or near your headline.
  • • Do not clutter up your flyer with too many graphics it will be distracting most of the time. We suggest 1 or 2 large graphics so they can focus more on your message.
  • • Be sure that your FAB (Features and benefits) are highlighted and easily found on your flyer and stand out from other verbiage. Let them know you will solve their problem.
  • • Have an area where they can easily find a special offer or discount on your flyer.
  • • Be sure and this is the most important have a clear simple and quick call to action at the end of your message.
We can design your flyer for your next marketing campaigns. Just contact us if you have any questions.
To help you create your custom flyers we have a free template to help you with your design.

Our low cost flyers are printed on some of the best paper in the industry. Our standard flyer gives you that magazine paper feel that people associate with quality printing.

We offer many sizes for you to choose from when designing your custom flyer. And if you have any questions please ask we have designed over 1000 flyers for real estate, restaurants, special events and so many other businesses.

Custom Flyer Sizes


  • • 11″×17″
  • • 5.5″×8.5″
  • • 8.5″×11″
  • • 8.5″×14″
• 100lb Gloss Book