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Auto Magnets


free shipping on auto magnetsCar, truck or Van

• Custom Sizes Available

• Rounded Corners for $1.00

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Auto Magnets

by Businesscardsflyersbanners makes your advertising more affordable. We help you save more by printing the car magnets in pairs and offer you Free shipping and a very low price. These Auto magnets are perfect for displaying your offer or services anytime your vehicle is on the road. To get the best exposure possible for you we print these in Full Color on thick 30mil Glossy magnets for a great look. Our UV Ink will allow your magnet to last as long if not longer than most other high quality auto magnets.

Auto Magnets are also used as signage on construction sites and business locations where locations are changed quickly. There are many uses and we can offer them at custom sizes perfect for any location or auto.

Auto Magnets FAQ

What is the radius of your rounded corner magnets?

Auto Magnets can have rounded corners and the radius is 1 inch. If you would like help setting up your image please let us know. There are free auto magnet templates available for you to use as well.

I just got my magnet how do I flatten it out?

Magnets are not always shipped flat but they are protected. Once you received you auto magnet place it flat on your car, truck or van and lay it out flat on the rood or other flat area surface for a couple of hours.

How should I clean my Auto Magnets?

When your magnets are not in use you may want to bring them inside and it is a good time for cleaning them. Simply use a cotton washcloth and water. Please do not use any hard chemicals on them as this will ruin your magnet over time. Also when storing them store them lying down so they do not get any bends.

Installing your Auto Magnets

Installation is easy as long as you follow the proper steps.

1: Be sure your magnet is clean on both sides.

2: The area where it will be applied to on your car is completely no oils or dirt.

3: Apply your auto magnets to your vehicle and you are all set.