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Rear Window Wrap



Rear Window Wrap

Grab more attention to your business daily every time one of your vehicles get on the road with our Custom Vehicle rear window wrap.

Our Window Graphics are printed in Full Color on Perforated vinyl for windows so you can see out when inside of your car truck or van. Plus they are protected with a coating of Optical Laminate.

Designing Your Custom Window Wrap:

If you wish to design your own Vehicle Graphics here are some of the information you will need.

  • • Your DPI should be at least 200
  • • Be sure to have a bleed of about a half in all the way around. This helps to ensure that you have enough material to cover your window completely and makes installing a bit easier.
  • • Try to avoid having a border around your window wrap. By doing so your wrap will not look of center if placed with a slight shift.