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Nightclub Flyers – Band Flyers – 1000 for only $32.00

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Ideas for designing your Postcards for marketing.

• Club Events are fun and your nightclub flyers should convey that with a great look and font selection.
Have a section on your flyer where people can fill out a their information and drop it off at your event. You can select a winning club flyer and offer them VIP treatment that night. And Congrats! You have just added them to your Database for future events.
• Have a call to action ask them to register now for your event. Or visit your website to know what is going behind the scenes until the event takes place.

We can also help you design your Nightclub flyers if you would like us to create a great look and call to action for your event.
Nightclub flyer templates are available in our Template section.

Nightclub flyers are a great way for musicians to promote their bands upcoming gigs and CD or digital release date. Night clubs use the many sizes available to promote their upcoming events and activities. Many event display areas are usually filled up so a smaller sized event flyer will make it easier to distribute at more locations easier.

Your next Party can have the VIP nightclub flyer look by having print your event flyer for your next Party or Mixer. And one thing for sure is that our nightclub flyers make a great souvenir keepsake for all types of parties even Birthdays.

You can choose a high gloss nightclub flyer for that VIP look or uncoated which is great if your guests would like to have something written on the night club flyer.


Club Event Flyer Sizes

Club Event Flyer Sizes

  • 10″x3″
  • 4.25″×2.75″
  • 5.5″×2.125″
  • 8.5″×3.66″
  • 9″×3″

• 14pt Gloss Coated Cover with UV (C2S)
• 14pt Premium Uncoated Cover


  • • Rounded Corners