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Coroplast yard sign template

Coroplast Yard Sign Templates

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Designing your own coroplast yard signs

Please download the template size for the sign that you wish to order if you need a size that you do not see available please let us know and we can assist you for the size of today are blank yard sign templates work with many professional and proconsumer design programs

Yard sign design requirements

Please be sure that your yard sign is set to print at 300 dpi this will help ensure that your site will print with the highest quality.

If you’re not using one of our yard sign templates and we asked you please leave a half an inch bleed on each side of your sign so for example if you are requesting a 12″ x 12″ sign the final image size should be 13″ x 13″ and the background layer should extend that whole 13 inches this way when it comes to the trimming portion of the production when your site gets trimmed down to 12″ x 12″ there are still ink on the opposite side of the coroplast and leaving your sign with full ink coverage without the possibility of an empty white space.

Safety area

Our yard sign templates have a blue line visible. That blue line represents the safe line for your yard sign the safe area is there to ensure that all important text and elements are not trimmed off on your yard sign when it comes to trimming phase. Visually it is also important that your text does not go from touching one side the blue line to the other because most likely you want to ensure that there is a little bit of extra space to keep your design looking professional if possible. The blue line is set to be 1 inch in from the Final Cut and there may be a slight variance when trimming as it may shifts slightly.

Trimming Cutting

The yard sign templates also has a red line this redline is the projected cut line or trim line your background should extend past this redline all the way to the edge of our templates this way when your sign is in the trimming phase there are still ink on the opposite side this is what we call a full bleed the full bleed ensures full ink coverage on your yard sign.

Yard sign design tips

Use as few words as possible when designing your yard sign especially if you plan on placing this your busy streets and intersections driver’s only have a few seconds to take in your message so please make it as easy for them as possible

Uses big and is bold words as possible to get your message across small fonts are hard to read especially for drive-by traffic

Using knockout text on your yard sign at the top, bottom or even the top and bottom is a great way to separate your main message area allowing your header and footer which is most likely your contact information to be easily read.

If you have any questions on your yard sign or need any type of assistance such as a custom template or design we are here and happy to help you.

You want to thank you for starting your yard sign design with our free yard sign template.