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Updated EDDM Postcard Templates

Use our free EDDM templates when designing your next every door direct-mail postcard. Our templates are compatible with Photoshop with our PSD templates. Plus we also have EDDM templates available in other popular forms such as PDF and JPg. PSD and PDF templates are designed with the USPS EDDM indicia already in the correct placement on their own separate layers so that you can select either the top or the bottom placement. This will help you to be sure that your eddm postcard is compliant with the rules for this great program.

If you need any assistance with your design or using one of our easy-to-use templates please let us know.And as always please let us know if there is a particular template style that you are looking for and we would be happy to help.

you can find our eddm postcard templates right here on the link below thank you.

EDDM Postcard Templates

EDDM Postcard Templates