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EDDM Postcard Templates









EDDM Postcard Templates

EDDM Postcard Template 8×6.5 .jpg pdf psd
EDDM Postcard Template 8.5×7 .jpg pdf psd
EDDM Postcard Template 9×6.5 .jpg pdf psd
EDDM Postcard Template 11×4 .jpg pdf psd
EDDM Postcard Template 11×6 .jpg pdf psd
EDDM Postcard Template 11×8.5 .jpg pdf psd
EDDM Postcard Template 11×9 .jpg pdf psd
EDDM Postcard Template 12×4.5 .jpg pdf psd
EDDM Postcard Template 12×6.5 .jpg pdf psd
EDDM Postcard Template 12×9 .jpg pdf psd

Perforated EDDM Postcard Templates

This will allow you to offer EDDM Postcards with a perforated business card that they can rip and tear off. Allowing them to keep your contact business card.

EDDM Postcards with Business Card
EDDM Postcard Template 9×6.5 .jpg pdf psd

Designing your own EDDM ( Every Door Direct Mail ) Postcard is easier when you start out with one of our postcard templates.

When designing an EDDM Postcard there are some very important things to consider.

EDDM Design Requirements.

• Resolution: Be sure you are using a resolution of at least 300 dpi. This will help ensure that your text will be easily read and images in your eddm postcard are clear. ( As long as you do not stretch them). Our templates are already setup for you to place them into your design program such as photoshop and other design programs.

• Indica Placement: Our EDDM postcard templates already have the USPS EDDM Approved Indica in place. It is important to note that the indica needs to be placed about 0.25 of an inch from the corner of your Eddm Postcard.

• Indica Design: USPS requires that the font be at least 4pt based on arial and the PAID text should be bold as a good rule of thumb. When placing the outer square area a minimum of half an inch is required.

EDDM Postcards for Retail

If you are sending under 5,000 EDDM mailers per day then you qualify for EDDM Retail. This will go to every residence and business in your selected area. Staying at the retail level has many cost saving benefits compared to larger quantities that require bringing them to a (BMEU) Business Mail Entry Unit which will require to purchase extra permits.

• Local Postal Customer: Originally it was a good rule to add this under the indica and easily visible. Our EDDM Postcard Template already has this in place. It should read

Postal Customer

And be easily identified we suggest a clean background preferably white behind it or a solid color with enough contrast.

EDDM Design Tips.

When designing your EDDM Postcard it is important to consider a few important things.

Visual: Use color and images to your advantage. Show them what services and solutions you provide with images. Remember they are quickly going through there mail box here. And if they can visually see your services and have a need well then you got there attention.

Offer or Call to action: Make sure its a strong offer and is easy to find on both sides of your EDDM Postcard. Use contrasting colors or a special background to help highlight this great opportunity or savings for the viewer. And make sure that if you have a special there is a limited time offer on it. Many people will keep a postcard or coupon for over a year and you may at that time be offering another type of promotion.

We will post more tips in the future but if you have any questions you are always welcome to contact us at 1-877-628-2372. We have printed and designed hundred of EDDM Every Door Direct Mail postcards and have some great advice to share.

Thank you and we hope you find our EDDM postcard Templates easy to use.